August via iPhone

Greetings! Life has been good lately (as indicated by those super smiles above) Summer is so close to being over which is even more reason to be enjoying it as much as possible. We’ve been making time for play dates and outdoor activities before they become indoor activities again. Below are some more photos from my iPhone from the past week or so.

 That picnic lives on! Cece and I recently had lunch on our front lawn per her request. After all, I don’t think we’ll be eating outside come January. (But I could be wrong.)
I also took the girls to the pool near our house last week. I’m still working on mastering outings while juggling the two of them. Like most things, there is no better way to learn than to actually just get out and do it. And I’m glad that I haven’t resigned us to spending all of our time in the living room. I think they’re happy about it too.



I also turned 28 last week! (WHOA! I still remember turning eight years old clear as day. We were spending the summer at Grandma Kletz’s and I got a shiny new bike.) This year, Cece and I used this as the perfect excuse to make a two-layer cake. And all of my pesetering Joe about flowers worked since he had some delivered that day. We hung out with the Olsons that night and ate some delicious homemade pizza. All good things!

And last, but not least, the girls and I met up with our Chicago besties for a shared birthday dinner. They were staying in Wisconsin so we decided to meet in Rochester (where I’d never visited before!). Although it was a brief get-together, what a treat to see our other halves! Miss you guys and I’ll have to visit Chicago SOON!
That’s all for now! I’m sure the children will be waking up soon and looking for me…
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