Ren Fest ’14




Behold! We packed our satchels and children and ventured to the Renaissance Festival this past weekend. Cece has since remained enchanted with the experience and keeps thinking of reasons for us to return. (“So, I’m out of pixie dust… we need to go back to Renaissance Festival and get more.”)
We only experienced a small fraction of the fest so we really might need to make a return trip before the season is over. Though it was crowded, we managed to meet some mermaids at the Mermaid Cove and visit with some fairies in the magical Fairy Wing Forest. We feasted on alligator on a stick and a blooming onion. We also tasted some wine and mead. Cece and I zig zagged through a maze and Joe climbed a fairly good sized wall. Also, Cece rode a pony and the butterfly carousel all by herself. How magical does she look? Needless to say, this girl was in her element (and so was I!). I’m excited for when Rosie is older and we can have two princess fairies scampering about.
Until next time, Ren Fest!
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