Jayaraj Wedding

Over the weekend we attended our friends’ Azure and Satish’s wedding. Between the ceremony and the reception, I was whisked away on a golf cart and I got play the role of friend-ographer for about a half hour. We shot a few formal wedding portraits.


 I also took some photos of Azure and Satish with their families.

Then once back at the reception, I was off photo duty and back to supervising my kids. I tried shoot some of the details at the reception. (And there were many! A decadent dessert table, origami decorations, farmers market flowers, and more) However, while doing so, I was either simultaneously eating a donut or holding Rosie. Oh well.


Even though Joe and I left with the kiddos around 8 p.m., I have to say it was a lovely celebration.


Congratulations once more! Wishing you guys all the best!
And thanks again for the chance to photograph! And to blog ; )
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