Six Months

Rosemary is six months old and 18 lbs of adorable baby. How’d that happen already?
To celebrate the occasion, we had our well-check at the doctor this morning and got four shots (OWIE). I’m thrilled that she won’t come down with the flu and polio now, but there’s nothing fun about shots. At least she has taken some good naps today.
I feel like I just did her five-month update and not TOO much has changed since. But lately she…
is still Cece’s biggest fan.
wants to eat real food REAL badly (we will start that soon!).
is sitting unassisted quite well.
delights in all of big sister’s toys.
is still a wiggly, giggly (and drooly!) ball of happiness (usually).
Love you, darlin’! This half-a-year has just flown by!
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