September ’14 via iPhone

September is half over! I guess I can’t pretend it’s summer anymore and that is slightly tragic in my opinion. If you need to get ahold of me these days, chances are you can find me at Target buying pumpkin-flavored everything and pushing these two goofs around in this tank-sized cart.

^^^ Just a few more photos from that wedding we attended ; )

Joe was home last week on a stay-cation. It was fantastic! We got some fall-cleaning done as well as some projects around the house. It felt great to be productive and also be together. We visited the gym a couple of times together but decided to mix it up and now we have a climbing membership at REI. We went there four times last week and did four different climbs. I think we’re hooked. And I can’t think of a more fun way to work on my weak upper body.

We don’t get crazy crafty around here very often, BUT Cece and I recently made flower crowns for our next Renaissance Festival visit. And these crowns are perfectly wearable for around-the-house activities too.

Lastly, I can’t help but include a couple more photos of this six-month-old and the cheekers that have launched a thousand ships. With Cece in preschool a few days a week I have certainly been enjoying my Rosie time. Ooh, I just love that little girl.

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