Fall in Chicago

“My heart’s in two places. And I’m feeling like a candle burning at both ends. Until it flickers.”

-Rosi Golan

Half of my heart is always with my family in Chicago. I wish there was a way I could somehow live in two states and simultaneously and let my girls experience the best parts of each place. Until teleporting is a legitimate way to travel, we’ll continue these road trips.

I’ve been inspired by all of the fairy tale literature happening in our home right now. (Thanks, Twig the Fairy.) Thus, I’ve decided to write about our recent trip to Chicago in the same fashion. It’s corny. Enjoy!
Once upon a time, there were two princesses, Cece and Rosie.
Their mom decided they should drive to Chicago
because she’s ambitious and a tiny bit crazy.
Once they arrived, the girls were surrounded by family who loved them so.
Everyone gave generous hugs and kisses, especially Grandma Pat and cool  Auntie Robbo.

The food was indulgent, delicious and abundant
They ate pizza, pigs in a blanket, and even chicken in a bucket.


If you ask Cece, she will probably confess
that her favorite part of the trip
was wearing Mommy’s old ice skating dress.


Cece and Rosie even went to Chinatown.
They played with cousins
while their mom seriously chowed down.
The girls laughed, had fun, and stayed for awhile,
The best part was how much they made great-grandma smile.


No trip to Chicago is complete without seeing Sarah and Will.
A pizza was ordered and everyone ate more than their fill.

Then the kids painted pumpkins

and ran around outside.

They had so much fun,
and too soon everyone had to say goodbye.

 Thank you for making us feel so welcome
and for being such wonderful hosts.
Thank you for making us feel at home.
And thanks for inspiring this silly post!
(Love and miss you all! Until next time!)

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