Seven Months!

Last week, this little lady turned seven months old. I wanted to get some nice photos as we’ve had some blessedly warm days this October and she’s sitting up like a pro.
She is also
…trying with all of her might to crawl.
…pulling herself up to standing in her crib (yikes! Time to drop the mattress down!)
…liking her first tastes of rice cereal (BTW, I forgot how darn messy it is to feed babies. I’m real behind on the food thing this go-around)
…babbling and babbling. She has a lot to tell everyone.
…seriously loving other babies. She squeals and tries to lunge at/play with babies her size. More play dates please!
All in all she is just delightful. I knew I would love our second baby with all of my heart, but she really is more wonderful than I could have imagined or asked for.

^^^Things got very Glamour Shot-esque around here recently!^^^
(We had to get creative coming up with different places around our house to take pictures. I slightly regret painting the walls varying shades of turquoise when we moved in.)
But the below photos are my FAVORITE.
(Had the wrong white balance setting for this photo, but I don’t care. Still love it.)

So, there you go. Your daily dose of Miss Rosie!
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