October via iPhone

What life looks like according to my phone photos lately:
Our festive kitchen table. (Can you spot the bite marks on the shiny pumpkin from last year?)

Carving pumpkins at Grandma Michele’s. I think the face on the left sums up how Cece feels about pumpkin guts.
Goodness. Those cheeks and chins just slay me.
(Photo courtesy of Grandma Michele!)

A chilly but fun morning at the farmers market last week.
Our most recent and current favorite hobby. (Joe is all that is man. Hubba hubba!)
Speak of hobbies, I recently started a Facebook page for my photography and announced that I am open for business. And fortunately, people are taking me seriously and I’ve done eight photo shoots this month. Thank you everyone for the support and referrals!

There’s never a bad shot of an October sky.

Sitting no longer interests me, mother. I shall attempt standing whenever and wherever I can!
What part of “We are NEVER going to bed,” don’t you understand, Mom?

This week Princess Anna wanted to help me rake leaves. She took two swipes at the leaves and then handed the rake back to me. And then lost her princess shoe in the massive leaf pile. And then asked me to find it for her.
Fall is fun, no???
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