A Teeny Halloweeny Party

Cece and I have a shared love of holidays, decorating, chocolate, and getting our friends together. So I decided to host a small Halloween party yesterday morning. We squished our friends in our house like sardines in a can and made them have fun with us. (Literally squished. Five toddlers, five infants, and parents. We’ll get a bigger house someday! At least we hope so!)
^^^ My one takeaway from Pinterest. Haha! ^^^
Our one activity was decorating gourds with glitter and gems. Masterpieces.

Cece was just thrilled to have both Michaela and Penny at the same party (and both dressed as Princess Anna!)

We also calmed down all of the little ones enough to do a semi-circle time and read one Halloween story. (Do I look like a legit preschool teacher or what???)


But let’s be honest. The kids’ favorite part of the party was just running up and down our hallway like maniacs. Thank you Luke for helping take photos as Rosie wanted to be held for pretty much the whole party. And thank you everyone for coming! Have a safe and happy Halloween today!
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