Halloween 2014


Howdy! I hope your Halloween was filled with all good things. (As in, I mean I hope your treat bags were filled with Kit Kats and Reese’s. And not a bunch of candy corn.) This certainly wasn’t the warmest Halloween on record. However, we managed a few outdoor photos of the girls in costume. I did have to bribe Cece with candy to smile. She was quite distressed that Rosie kept wanting to touch her dress.
 The costuming ended up being easy this year. Cece wanted to be a princess and we happen to have just a few great princess dresses on hand. Rosie got the monster costume I bought for Cece’s first Halloween that I’ve been dying to put on another baby (#second child problems.)
Although it was chilly, we still did some family trick-or-treating. I brought Rosie home after just a few houses, but Joe and Cece stayed out together for awhile and returned with a decent bag of loot. For the rest of the evening, Cece got wildly excited to hand out candy every time trick-or-treaters rang our doorbell. And shockingly, I didn’t see that many Elsas out there.

So there you have it, Halloween 2014. Hope yours was spooky and spectacular.
(Now onto CHRISTMAS!!!)
P.S. I enjoy looking at holiday posts from years past. In case you do too, here’s Halloween 2013, Halloween 2012, and Cece rocking that monster costume during Halloween 2011.
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