Deep Thoughts with Cecelia Ray (Volume 2)

(In the tub with Rosie)
“We have to hygiene her!”
(While watching football with Joe and seeing the Lebron James Beats commercial)
 Cece: Who is that guy?
 Joe: Lebron James
 Cece: What’s he doing?
 Joe: Exercising.
 Cece: Like Daddy?
 Joe: Like Daddy.
 Cece: He’s handsome like Daddy!
“Daddy, your car is making a beautiful sound!”
(As the put-on-your-seat belt alarm chimes)

“If you don’t wear your seat belts, the police will take you to jail and Cece and Rosie would be SO SAD!”

(Please know that we DO always wear our seat belts!)

“Rosie is the craziest girl in the world.”
“I don’t like it. I LOVE it.”
(When discussing things we don’t like, but LOVE.)

Me: Did you do the bear hunt (at school) again?
Cece: No, we sang a song about Mary. A donkey carried Mary to the bathtub.
Me: Do you mean Bethlehem?
Cece: No, the bathtub.
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