Thanksgiving Weekend via iPhone

Below are a few phone photos of the recent weekend of tasty food and family togetherness. We had another Thanksgiving on Saturday at the Olson’s house and even an early Christmas on Sunday with Joe’s extended family.
Kids napping at the same time. (Say whaaaaaat?)
My name is Rosie and I love Thanksgiving.

And I totally clean up nice.
Homemade pies by my sister-in-law Danielle. Delicious!
Men, babies, and beards are surely the best.

Grandma is also the best. Especially such a stylin’ grandma.
Newest nephew Dominic! (And Drea and I sitting at the kids’ table…)

Cece kindly assisting Rosie in opening Christmas gifts from Great Grandma Geneva.
Cece acting as Michaela’s bridesmaid. (Or maybe she’s just trying to take that new Frozen dress off her… Who really knows?)
Hope you had a wonderful long weekend and that you are still feasting on leftovers!
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