A sweet time!

This afternoon we had a very important annual holiday cookie baking date with Azure. Instead of just making sugar cookies like we have in previous years, we added lemon cookies to the list, peanut butter blossoms (per Joe’s request), and caramel-chocolate pretzels. (To be honest, I’m certain Azure did most of the work.) Cece was so excited about our baking extravaganza that she put on her apron and started wiping down the kitchen table and setting up our equipment and ingredients about an hour before we got started. She was right to be so excited. We had several hours of sticky sweet fun (before the inevitable sugar crash).


I’m excited to be keeping some of these cookies for ourselves to snack on and even more excited to give some away as gifts. I love the outcomes of all of these holiday projects (baking, crafting, etc.), but the best part is definitely the process. The real treat is being able to spend time together while being creative and having some great conversation!
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