Merry Christmas Eve


^^^^(Not a shabby Christmas card photo this year!)^^^
I just want to wish all you folks out on the internets a wonderful Christmas from our family to yours.
I, for one, will not be able to sleep tonight. I’ve been utterly swept up in the excitement of the season with having a starry-eyed three-year-old and also a baby having her first Christmas. I’ve tried hard to take steps back from my ever-growing to-do lists (I tend to add more items just as I’m crossing things off) to just be present, remember it’s not all about the presents, and just savor these sweet moments with my family.


Over the weekend our besties drove in from Chicago to visit us. It was a more-low key time than you would expect with so many holiday activity options. However, in my opinion, I think the time was spent perfectly by letting the kids just run around and be kids, watching the occasional holiday show, and of course, catching up after they went to sleep. Thank you, Sarah and Will, so much for such a special time and making the trek to come see us. Being with the ones we love is really the best gift of all.
Merry Christmas, everyone!
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