Merry Christmas (2014)!

Merry Christmas! (Or “Merry Craziness” as Cece said today. She has uttered a lot of gems this holiday season, including “Rosie is my reindeer!” And also “Is Santa bringing MORE presents tonight?” Good times.)
Today felt special as we celebrated our first Christmas as a family of four. It was also the first time we spent Christmas eve and day in our own home. The kids blessedly slept in until nearly eight and we were even able to have coffee before present-exchanging. (Thanks, Santa!)
We spent the morning opening gifts, playing with new gifts, playing with wrapping paper, and having a nice big brunch. All of this wore Cece out and then she napped for nearly three hours. Since Cece received ice skates for Christmas, we wanted to find a rink to break them in. We checked out three outdoor rinks near our home, but none were open. We  ended up at The Depot in downtown Minneapolis. It was the first time we’ve ever skated there. It was busy, but such a cool historic and Christmasy atmosphere. We ended the day with enchiladas for dinner, lots of silliness, baths, books, and bed.
I put together a video of today’s events. The first part of the video is when we decorated the tree earlier this month and then Christmas Day. (I inherited my dad’s shaky camera hands for sure. And focusing is a serious issue for me with shooting video, but I don’t care. I’m so glad we have some footage to remember the day by!) Also, we are currently dog sitting “Black Dog” for my brother. So that is the mini-Maya that appears in the movie!
I hope you enjoyed your holiday and especially enjoyed your time with loved ones. I felt very fortunate to spend the day enjoying my family. Merry Christmas, once more!

(Music: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Christina Perri)
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