Our 2014

The year has only a few mere hours left and I’m hoping to put together some of this year’s highlights to look back on. There is no denying that there were some scary and sad events happening in the world and in our own lives. But even so, there is still so much good to focus on and I plan on doing just that. For me, 2014 was memorable for many wonderful reasons.
In January, Cece became potty-trained. She was over two-and-a-half and we barely had a few weeks before the arrival of new baby. It was a difficult and emotional week, but she did it! I wrote about that experience here. I can’t believe how much she has grown up this year and that she was still in diapers at the beginning of 2014! (I am happy to say that during the month of February this year, I bought no diapers for anyone!)

We made a trip to Chicago in January to see my family and to celebrate godson Will’s birthday. During that trip, Sarah took these AWESOME maternity photos for me! I plan on treasuring these forever.

In February, we continued to weather the polar vortex and also made a trip to Madison to celebrate the birthday of a few of Cece’s cousins. It was also our first time attending the circus and Cece’s first elephant ride. Notable.
Thinking our baby would arrive before the estimated due date, I documented my bump and was in full nesting mode. We made-ahead some meals and smoothies (brilliant) and cleaned and rearranged our tiny house to make space for our next tiny person.
On March 15, Rosemary Grace was born. All of the photos we took at the hospital are here. I’ll always remember this as an incredibly special time in our lives. I loved watching Cece as a big sister and Joe as a dad of two. I also took a video of our first week at home from the hospital that still makes me teary.
Just days after Rosemary was born, heaven gained another angel as my Grandma Kletz passed away. I don’t feel that I’ve been home enough to properly cope or grieve for her. She was a woman of beauty and strength and a tremendous part of my life. I would always make time to see her whenever I came home to Chicago. I wish with all my heart that my girls would be able to know her and also my dad. Instead, I am accepting the fact that that the two of them are the best guardian angels anyone could ever ask for.
In April we continued to adjust to life as a family of four. Joe turned 31 and Cece, our mermaid princess, turned 3. We had a spectacular birthday celebration for Cece in The Little Mermaid fashion. My family even came up from Chicago and my sister made a beautiful cake for the party. Cece still talks about the party and I think it’s awesome that she still remembers it!
In May, Joe and I celebrated 4 years of marriage and also Mother’s Day (Mother’s Day was spent at Chino Latino per my request, awesome!)
Our anniversary date was the first time we went out without the girls since Rosie was born. We had a fantastic time eating and chatting and catching up (even though we saw each other everyday, we still needed to catch up). Oh, and we attempted a “cleanse.” HA! Guess who was cranky those two week? This girl.
And in June, we celebrated Father’s Day.
Cece and I also constructed a fairy garden.
Our besties came in for a lovely summer visit.
While Sarah was here, she took some beautiful photos of me and Rosie. I can’t believe how teeny she is!
In June, we met my family, cousins, and friends in Wisconsin Dells for a waterpark getaway! We swam, put Rosie in her first bathing suit, ate lots of vacation food, and just enjoyed being together. So fun!
We started off July with a trip to the cabin for the fourth. Fireworks, food, and family, can’t go wrong!
That weekend we also visited Safari North Wildlife Park for the first time and even got to feed a giraffe. How. Cool.
We continued to spend time with Cece’s cousins and went on several fun play dates. One of my favorites was the splash pad in St. Cloud. (Love cousins in towels)
In July, Joe also completed his first Tough Mudder. (Hubba,hubba!)
In the beginning of August, we went on a picnic dinner by Lake Normandale. It was a beautiful evening and one of my favorite memories of this past summer. I also turned 28 (whoa!) and we continued to enjoy the last of Minnesota summer.
In September, Cece started preschool! It was exciting and scary (for me). I’m happy to report that she has LOVED it and I’m so glad we decided to send her this year.
Much to Cece’s delight, we made two trips to the Renaissance Festival this year. I bet if she could, she would live there all year long.
In October, I celebrated my three-year anniversary of being a stay-at-home mom and wrote this post about what has made that time survivable and special to me.
My very dear friend Azure got married!
Joe and I made rock climbing our new thing and began going several times a week.
I also decided to declare myself open for business and created a facebook page for my photography services. It was a busy fall taking pictures for some lovely people and it was so fun to get back these photos as Christmas cards!
Cece and I went on her first field trip to the apple orchard.
In October, I made another road trip to Chicago. I visited with our family in Chinatown and also ttended my 10 year high school reunion. It’s not the easiest traveling with such little people, but I’m still so happy that we went.
In November we went to DISNEY WORLD with my family. Between meeting Ariel and watching Elsa light up the castle, we experienced some moments of pure magic. It’s a trip I will never forget. Video can be seen here.
In November we also celebrated Thanksgiving at home and then with Joe’s family that following Saturday. I love Thanksgiving and I felt that we had so much to be thankful for this year.
December was a whirlwind of holiday decorating, baking, crafting, Christmas concerts, and lots of ice skating! We spent Christmas day at home and the following weekend with Joe’s family at the cabin. Again, our video of the holidays is here.
Thank you so much for reading this year and visiting this space. I also want to thank all of my girlfriends and mama friends for so much support this year, you guys know who you are! I feel like I could go on and on about 2014, but I’ll let you browse the archives if you are really wanting to see more ; ) I wish you nothing but health and happiness for 2015!


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