Cabin Christmas 2014

One last post about 2014…
The day after Christmas, the girls and I headed up north to spend a few days at Joe’s parents’ cabin with the rest of his family. Unfortunately, Joe couldn’t come with us due to work, but I like to think that the girls and I did a good job representing.
Whenever we go to the cabin in the winter, I feel like I’m inside a postcard that might convince non-Midwesterners that Minnesota winter is cozy, magical, and twinkly. Sure, we’re freezing our faces off, but don’t we look so happy?
This year, my father-in-law created a skating rink for the grandkids (and me) since Santa managed to bring everyone ice skates this Christmas! The kids had pretty short stints on the ice, which was to be expected. However, my niece Abigail and I went out skating together a bunch of times which was a blast. (Thank you Ang, for the awesome photos and fast-learning skating buddy!)
While we weren’t skating, there was cookie-decorating, movie-watching, popcorn-eating, story-reading, fort-building, ice-fishing (for the men), wine-drinking (for me), and other wintery activities to keep everyone entertained and playing nicely.
(I feel I need to mention that Rosie is just posing with the popcorn, not actually munching on a baby choking hazard.)
Thank you again to all of my in-laws for hosting such a wonderful holiday, making fantastic food, and creating the awesome skating rink. Thank you for helping me get a little closer to my life goal (which is to live inside a Norman Rockwell painting ; )
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