Make it Grand!

Last weekend happened to be absurdly fun. I got to model a couple bridal gowns and be part of a runway show for The Grand Landmark Wedding Fair in St. Paul! Flutter Boutique used “real brides” to model their gowns for the event. (I say this with quotes because in reality, I am a 5’3 mom of two who was a real bride almost five years ago.) I can’t tell you how much fun it was to play dress-up on a grown-up scale.
It literally took a team (a TEAM!) of hair and makeup artists to make me look rested and runway-ready. I love being a mom, but holy moly, my puffy eyes!

When not swishing around in my dresses (which were totally different from my own wedding dress which made it that much more fun), I got to peruse the wedding fair, check out vendors, and eat a macaroon or two. And maybe sample some bacon-wrapped appetizers.
Anyways, I can’t thank Flutter Boutique enough for inviting me to be part of this event. It was also a good reminder of how fun it is just to take some time for myself to primp and pamper. I’m not saying that I’m going to wear ball gowns as I serve up pancakes for breakfast to my family. But I’m definitely not waiting for a “special occasion” to wear fake eye lashes again. Life is a special occasion!
By the way, if I am slightly taller in my next life, I would love to do runway modeling as a side job. For someone who has never really had much shyness about being in front of an audience, this was seriously my jam.
(Images via Tracey Jean Photography and Laura Bredice.)
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