A Pink Pancake Morning!

This seems like such a silly thing to post about, but I’m still going to share anyway.
We had one of those nights where Cece was not staying in bed and kept coming out into the living room to tell us things like “My stuffed animals are being too loud!” So we straight-up bribed her and told her that if she stayed in bed and went to sleep that Joe would make her pink pancakes in the morning. “With sprinkles and whipped cream???” she asked. It worked like magic.


Joe stayed true to his word and made a gigantic batch of pancakes for us in the morning which we girls all loved. Rosie had a mini pancake in each of her tiny fists and devoured them. And Cece did, in fact, eat hers with whipped cream. It was like dessert for breakfast and the perfect way to start a Thursday.

I’m so thankful that Joe’s work has calmed down a bit this month so he doesn’t have to rush out the door super early all the time and he can be with his little ladies just a little more. It’s the best. 
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