Valentine’s Day Craftiness

A couple days ago we got around to some Valentine’s Day projects. Cece had her first Valentine’s Day party at school and we both had fun assembling some foam-sticker cards for her class. Cece enjoys making cards for other people so much and she also loves sending things via snail mail. I hope that’s something that never changes about her.
(I feel like I should also note that Cece ADORED the Valentines and goodies she received from her classmates. She actually slept with her bag of Valentine’s last night.)

We also made an attempt at that melted crayon craft I’ve seen on the internets for awhile now. I do not fancy myself a crafty person, but I am skilled at melting things, if nothing else! This is actually a very easy project. The part that is time consuming is removing all of the wrapping off your old crayons. But otherwise, all you do is unwrap the broken crayons, layer inside a silicone pan, bake inside the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes until melted. Obviously let them cool before you try to remove them. Bam, old crayons have a new life, whether they like it or not.
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