February ’14 via iPhone





I present to you a very random assortment of photos from my phone from the past couple of weeks. As indicated above, February has been a delightful excuse to make indulgent food due to Valentine’s Day and a few ladies nights. A couple of weekends ago, my fabulous neighbor and I hosted a wine and cheese party. We were so absorbed in socializing and snacking that there aren’t really any pictures (sometimes, I think that’s a sign of a great evening!). We are already planning another one for the summer, so if you couldn’t make this one, please bring your lovely self to the next one!
Valentine’s Day was low key (although there was lots of arting by Cece in preparation for the holiday). We exchanged some small gifts, Joe delivered a love fern, a decadent donut, and a box of chocolate my way. Do we know how to do romance or what? We didn’t go on a date that night, although we had a delicious hibachi double date the prior weekend. Joe had a couple of football games and we spent the evening making blanket forts with the girls which they loved.
And yesterday we visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts with our friends. I had brought Cece there once when she was little and she didn’t care about the art as much as she cared about darting through the exhibits with her friend Penny. She definitely took more interest in the pieces this time, even listened in on a tour guide discussing impressionism. And she definitely made it clear to me that she thought most of the exhibits were weird and boring. Can’t please ’em all I guess!
 Still glad we went though, it was refreshing to have a change of scenery.
Not pictured from the last couple of weeks: lots of rock climbing, lots of sore muscles, Rosie eating us out of house and home, super super cold weather, and a few organizing projects around the house.
Onto the next half of February!
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