Eleven Months!

She’s SOOOOO big! Miss Rosie is 11 months old and a mere few weeks away from smashing her first birthday cake into her face. Where does the time go? We’ve been enjoying our little lady immensely and she’s been enjoying all sorts of things in life too (such as chasing around and stressing out her big sister, lunging for everyone’s food, starting to sign, and getting so close to walking).
As of late, Rosie…
loves pretty much all food, especially spaghetti as she can take down two bowls.
has taken a few tentative steps, but realizes that crawling is a much faster way to get around.
signs “more” and makes grabby hands when she wants food.
finally had her first bottle of formula.
has six teeth in her mouth (hence the transitioning to formula).
stands and shakes her tushy when she hears a song that she digs.
So excited to celebrate your first birthday next month, girlie!
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