Deep Thoughts with Cecelia Ray Volume 3


Prepare to be enlightened by Miss Cecelia Ray.
“I think your TV shows are disappointing”
(After she walked in on me watching HGTV)
“Little sisters just break hearts.”
(After Rosie wrinkled one of her Valentine hearts)
“But I don’t know how to find a husband!”
(After I told her that she can’t marry Joe because he’s my husband and she would need to find her own.)
“Rosie is bothering me. She is trying to pull off my toes.”
“I’m going to sing a song. It’s called “I do not like to sleep.” “
“You just don’t trust me.”
(After I told her to not jump on the furniture)
“My belly is just flat and soft.”
Next time we do this, she will probably have turned four years old. I can’t wait to hear the wisdom of her older self.
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