Party for One!

Over the weekend, we celebrated Rosie’s birthday at the Maple Grove Community Center. During the first part of the party the little ones played in the Maple Maze while the adults scurried around ensuring that everyone was having fun and no one was getting trampled (too badly).
Although the kids and babies outnumbered the adults, we still managed to pull off a successful party. (I think the secret to our success was NOT having the party in our own home. Besides baking some cupcakes and making some phone calls, very little went into party preparation.) I’m so thankful to all who came and celebrated with us. I know Rosie enjoyed being the star of the day.
I also need to send a BIG thank you to my sis-in-law Angela. I handed her my camera and said “HELP ME!” Without her, there would literally be no photos of this party! Thank you so much for helping us document the day!


I wanted to post ALL of the photos of Rosie and her cake, but I think you get the idea of how it went down.

Cece has been anticipating celebrating Rosie’s birthday for quite awhile. I’m glad the party met her expectations!

I always feel so lucky that Cece has such great grandparents who never hesitate about spending time with the grandkids.

Jeesh, my sis-in-laws are beautiful mamas!

(Rosie looks less than thrilled here because I took the remains of her cake away and tried to clean her up.)

Happy Birthday, once more, Rosie! You’ve brought us so much joy this past year. It’s been a privilege to watch you grow!

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