Easter 2015

What is more egg-cellent than Olaf the snow man Easter eggs?

(Perhaps ham and cheesy potatoes. That’s what.)
But really, Easter was lovely. We stayed in St. Cloud this weekend and on Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Christ, spring, and new beginnings.
Cece and Michaela had the time of their lives riding on Michaela’s four-wheeler. Click here for a hilarious video of these two goofs. It’s getting all too easy to envision them as grade-schoolers and teenagers still having the best time together. (Hoping they don’t crash into quite as much stuff when they area older though!)

Our little Rosie Posie was not feeling the greatest this weekend, but she did pull it together for a few bunny ear photos.
Love Rosie’s chubby little hand clutching her egg find.


Even though this was a frigid Easter (at least it felt that way to me), Cece still had plenty of enthusiasm for egg-hunting. Her basket was mounded high with eggs and she even was happy to go back outside to help Joe and I find our own eggs.

Ooh look! This pretty talkative little lady has been long overdue for an appearance on my blog. Lookin’ good, Elise!


As usual, during holidays, we try to get a family photo. Which works out. Sometimes. Here are the shots where people weren’t flailing.
Thank you again to my in-laws for hosting yet another fun-filled holiday! It’s never easy being away from my family in Chicago so much for holidays, but Joe’s family has certainly become my home away from home and I’m so glad my girls have such a
Hope your Easter weekend was ever so nice and that you didn’t eat as quite many chocolate eggs as I did.
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