Frozen on Ice!

Sometimes life is amazing and you get to put on your favorite Frozen attire, attend an Elsa and Anna convention with your best gal pals, see an amazing ice show, and bring home all sorts of cool souvenirs.
Oh, and I think Cece had fun too ; )
On Sunday Cece and I met up with Andrea and Michaela and Rachel Jamie for the lady date to top all lady dates at the Target Center to see Frozen on Ice.
 If there’s one thing I can appreciate besides a fine wine or cheese, it’s a good ice show! I am always dazzled by these grandiose productions that involve gorgeous costumes, elaborate scenery, and not to mention finely-choreographed skating.
I spent most of the time watching the show and making sure Cece didn’t bop anyone in the head with her newly-acquired snowflake wand. I think Cece got really caught up in the frenzy and at one point shouted “I love you, Hans!” (WHAT?) So here are just a few pictures; they don’t really do the production justice:

Thanks again to the Olsons for inviting us to such an awesome show! We will never forget it!

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