April 2015 via iPhone

Now that May is about to arrive, I think it would be a good time to record some of the April happenings around here!

We celebrated Joe’s birthday at the beginning of the month. The girls and I didn’t do anything too fancy. Just a few small gifts and decorations. We baked made a cake. Although it didn’t feel like we did anything extravagant, Joe was delighted with our efforts. Happy Birthday, once more! We kind of like having you around ; )

I’ve been making all sorts of plans and to-do lists. I have an important visitor arriving soon (my sister!) and a very important birthday to be celebrating (Cece’s 4th!)

The weather has been fluctuating between being lovely (70s!) and awful (snow???). But during those fleeting moments of warmth, we’ve enjoyed getting outdoors and being park go-ers again. That Rosie certainly loves a-swinging!
We also made our first zoo trip of the year! The only photo I have of that morning is of this heap of sleeping piglets. They were just too precious.
On the not-so-nice days, we’ve tried to make the most of being indoors. We’ve been visiting the library once more and it’s been fun to switch up our reading material around here. I read two books in one week. This may explain why my spring cleaning isn’t getting done, but it was worth it!
 Lastly, my mom just came in for a visit. Though she stayed briefly, we did go out to dinner one night to Don Pablo’s and got this fabulous family photo. Haha. But seriously, we did have a great time and the food was yummy as always.
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