Spring time means good times!

Hey everyone! Hope you have been enjoying spring (on the days it feels like spring, at least!). We have been fitting in lots of play dates these past couple weeks which makes me feel awesome and social and I know the girls love seeing other humans besides myself, so it has been very win-win.

We loved having Penny and Jack over last week!

(My sister and our mom about 24 years ago!)
(In this photo, Rosie is a bit bummed that we made her stop eating her mozzarella stick to take a picture. Sorry, girl!)
Mother’s Day started with Rosie hitting my face and sneezing on me while I was sleeping, so really, not too different from any other day! Just kidding. I was bestowed many cards, a homemade ribbon with an “M” on it to wear, and some lovely flowers. Oh, and a Jamberry gift set, thanks Joe! We also managed to make it out for dinner that night. (I just really wanted a perfect margarita and boneless buffalo wings so we went to the fancy establishment of Applebee’s.)
Thank you again to Joe and the girls for making me feel like quite a special lady! And (as always) thank you so much to my own mom for putting up with my crap for 28 years  being there for me and my siblings and giving us all you had and more! Love you so much.
And here are some of the random photos of the girls over the past week. (Despite those cranky faces, it was their idea to sweep and vacuum the living room.)

Also their idea to try on hats in Target (it was Derby weekend recently, after all.)

We had an indoor picnic with good reads and Cheerios on a rainy day.

Cece sang with her fellow preschoolers in their spring concert last week. (ADORABLE). Rosie squirmed for most of the performance and was not in the mood to attend the reception, so I just hung out with her in the car and let her pretend to drive. Funny how that instantly boosted her mood!

^^^This new lip thing that Rosie does…^^^


Also, these faces. I don’t know how a one-year-old girl manages to look so tough while drinking a smoothie. But for goodness sake, don’t try taking it away from her kung fu grip.

I also accompanied Cece and her class on their field trip to Como Zoo this week. We were fortunate to have nice weather and we enjoyed visiting all of the animals, big and small.

But, I do think Cece’s favorite part of the field trip was the picnic lunch at the end and having a whole field of dandelions to pick a bouquet from with her friends. I’ve never been gifted so many dandelions in my life. It’s hard to believe her last day of school is next week! Where has this first year of school gone?

Anyways, on to warmer weather and more spring adventures! By the way, I’m all ears for ANY suggestions of fun things to do this summer throughout the city! Looking for things that are stroller friendly, not terribly spendy, and just a good old time for little ones. Lemme know!
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