We be runnin’!

I wish I could boast about being those super-fit people who takes wheatgrass shots, avoids pizza, and runs several miles a day. But I am so not. My ideal Sunday morning consists of coffee, donuts, and serious leisure. So, it was a little out of character for me to be voluntarily running instead!


Along with the Olsons, we participated in the Camp Ojibway 5K yesterday morning. Michaela and Cece ran the kid race first before getting stroller-pushed during the 5K. So, really, the girls participated in two races ; )



Push-ups and spandex. Our boys were serious.


The girls took pre-race prep seriously as well and stretched too. No one wants to pull a hammy, afterall.



Joe got the girls pumped before they took off.




Look at them go! The form! The speed! The focus!


Here they are approaching the finish line!

Victory is sweet. The girls were awarded medals and popsicles.
The grown-ups did not get medals or popsicles, but I’m still proud of us! I finished the 5K in 27:52. For not running much, I’m proud that I finished. This was mine and Luke’s first 5K and our goals were to not walk and not die and I’m super proud of us for accomplishing both! Andrea probably could have won the race, but I’m happy that she hung back with me and was so encouraging. Joe ran faster than all of us and did so while managing to push both Michaela and Cece in our double jogger. (American Ninja Warrior training, I assume. He’s a beast.)
Chances are, I will be back to donuts and coffee next Sunday, but this was a great time!
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