Summer days drifting away…

Well, fancy seeing you here again! Through no fault of my own (just kidding), this has been a summer of massive technological failure and blogging got moved to the back burner for a good long time. Finally our computer is fully functional, my shattered iPhone has been replaced, and I’ve got my blogging pants on. Let’s go!

Let’s back up two months ago. Here we are at the Richfield Pool. ( Although, you really can’t tell where we are since that’s generally how selfies work.)  I’m glad I didn’t buy a pool pass this summer, as we only made it out there twice!

Fortunately, we had a little pool in our back yard for quick and easy cool off on some of those hot days.

In July, we also made a trip out with our friend Trinity to the Play and Learn Cafe to meet Princess Sophia and craft with her. Art-ing with a princess? Cece was delighted.

Speak of painting and doing projects, it’s kind of a constant thing over here. Our kitchen table is so marked up with pen and paint marks, we could hang it on our fridge (except it’s too heavy). I will say that making Project Runway-inspired Barbie dresses was darn fun. Make it work!

Despite not really training, Joe and I completed the Tough Mudder back in July. This was definitely a filthy and fun experience and we’re already talking about doing it again next year. In addition to running 10.1 miles through mud, we also heaved ourselves through several upper-body obstacles, squinted our way through (diluted) tear gas and got zapped while running through some live wires. Seriously. The things parents will do for alone time.

Birthday celebrations also occurred! During birthday week (yes, the appropriate duration of a birthday celebration is at least one week), my mom came to town and took my bro and I to Salut for our 20 and 29th birthdays. Then later that week, Joe and I went to Pinstripes and then mini golfing at Centennial Lakes for an additional birthday date. By the way, I had a life-changing realization that I actually am awful at mini golf if there are no bumpers. No bumpers literally changes everything.

I was really getting used to all of the good eats that I didn’t have to prepare myself! My actual birthday fell on a Saturday and was also well-spent. I attended a Zumba class in the morning and got to photograph a backyard wedding in the afternoon. A good start to 29 if I do say so myself! Speak of photos, I’ve had a chance to do several sessions for folks this summer and I’ve been so happy with how they turned out. Will post more about that later!

As always, there has been some seriously solid cousin time. Here we are having a first “real” slumber party and driving that trusty Sun Jammer at Grandma’s.

And also as always, Rosie has been enjoying snacks.

I’ve been fortunate to have several different ladies nights this summer with different groups of friends. I know that at the end of a long day, it’s easiest to just put on your jammies  and collapse either in bed or in front of the TV and cancel plans.  But I swear, it’s good for my soul to grab a drink and have a conversation with my ladies. I really believe I am a more energized and happier wife, mother, and person by taking this time for myself. 

Mid-August, we made a trip to Chicago and also stopped in Wisconsin Dells on the way there and on the way back to Minnesota. We found water parks and corn on the cob (Rosie’s favorite thing), so I’m glad we made the stops.

While in Chicago, we had a low-key time hanging out with family. Robbyn gave Cece a little cake decorating lesson. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not Cece enjoyed herself ; )

We also squeezed in a legit wine-tasting while at home at Cooper’s Hawk. AH. Sister time…

And lastly. who doesn’t like a butterfly? I feel like they have been everywhere this summer and I am A-OK with that.Thanks for taking a little journey with me through the end of summer via my Instagram photos (with really inconsistent filters, haha).
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