The Cutest Third Wheel Ever

Sometimes, it can be challenging to come up with the time, energy, and babysitter for a date night. But when Joe and I can go, one of our favorite things to do is climb at Vertical Endeavors and follow it with all-you-can-eat sushi at Kyoto. (Because that’s probably the healthiest way to consume sushi… first work up a ravenous appetite and then eat your weight in dragon rolls…)

Last month, we decided to take Cece with us. To put it simply, she is becoming quite the delightful little lady and loves getting in on grown-up time. 

After a good afternoon of climbing, we headed to part II of our date night. Using training chopsticks, Cece did an awesome job picking up and trying several different rolls.

Tucked right behind Kyoto in Minneapolis is Vera’s Garden. We took a stroll and took some pictures before heading home. It’s probably evident from all the smiles that we had an OK time ; )
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