First Day of School!

Here we go again! Cece is off to further her education as she is starting four-year-old preschool this week and is extremely excited about it. She was even super enthusiastic about school shopping and selected her new backpack (Doc McStuffins), her new shoes (Peppa Pig, even though we don’t watch the show), and her new dress. Joe, Rosie, and I dropped her off yesterday morning and she was off to change the world. (Or to at least do some seriously excellent socializing)

 I remember last fall when Cece was three and I was a nervous wreck about her starting her first year of preschool. (I had no reason to be nervous, she did great!) It seems like just yesterday though.

And it really doesn’t seem that long ago when she was just a teeny baby scooting around the kitchen and joyfully digging everything out of the Tupperware cabinet. 

It’s no joke that time accelerates when you have kids. And I think the older they get, everything seems to go even faster. Even though some days can be exhausting and tough, it’s times like these that always remind me to savor it all as it’ll go by so quickly and I’ll be taking her senior photos in no time at all.

Good luck at preschool, Cece! I know you will dazzle them. We love you so much.
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