Our Favorite Time of Year!

The end of summer is easier to accept when it also means RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL! The food, the romance, the fairies… there’s definitely a treat for every member of the family in ye old world. We managed to attend recently and it was indeed a day of whimsy and delight. This post it but a teeny sampling of what the fest offers.

We started our visit out with some pony rides for these fair maidens.

Then went for a spin on the butterfly carousel.

Cece met up with her fellow fairy friend.

And it was nice to have someone else to clown around with. 

The little ladies participated in Vegetable Justice. (Where the tomato guy taunts you into pelting him with tomatoes. I’m sure it sounds like a terrible idea to have your kids participate in an insult game, but this was adorable. The girls couldn’t exactly throw and the guy couldn’t exactly insult them… “YOU! YOU are the kinds of kids that make me want to… SETTLE DOWN AND HAVE A FAMILY!” 

So awesome.

Fairy Wing Forest proves itself to be a favorite attraction every year. (Note Cece’s costume change. We came prepared.)

This guy was an amusing conversationalist.

This was able to give some solid high-fives.

The ladies also chatted up Cinderella and from then on were on the hunt for her missing slipper.

Naturally, we squeezed in some chill time with some mermaids and their treasure.


Finally the day ended with faces getting painted.

And a ride on a giant rocking horse.

I’m hoping we can squeeze in another round Ren Fest before the season is over!

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