Love Rocks


Over the weekend, we attended a wedding for a couple of rock stars. My friend and former teammate Rachel married her Jeff over the weekend in a seriously rocking fashion. The ceremony was at the Loring Pasta Bar and the reception was at the Varsity Theater which set the stage for an evening of fun and shenanigans (particularly at table #12…).

If there’s one thing I’m sure of in life, it’s that these ladies are the very definition of a fun time. It has meant so much to me to stay in touch with this group over the years, long after we’ve graduated and hung up the pom poms. (Just a few of us pictured here!)

 Post college, some have move across the country and some have moved across the world. We’ve gotten married, had babies (like yours truly), have gone on to MORE school, and have pursued grown-up careers. No matter what directions our lives are moving in,  it’s still pure fun when we can get together at a happy hour, wedding, or generally any event where we can still be “WOO” girls.

I am so thrilled for Rachel. We were two-of-a-kind during our Gopher hockey cheerleading days (being in the same line, having the same name, her lifting me in the air, all stuff that will bond two people.) I have such admiration for her eternal optimism, intelligence, steadfast determination, and sweet and generous spirit. 

Congrats again to the happy couple! It’s clear that the world is cheering for you guys and you’re going to have a beautiful and blessed life together.

Did I mention that even Joe had a good time? He did! PROOF! ^^^
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