18 Months!

Yesterday Rosie turned 18 months old which means she is a full-fledged toddler with a wispy mullet, often blowing in the wind, and there is no slowing down in sight. 

She still adores Cece and sometimes the two of them will hold hands or hug unprompted. (Which is the BEST. It makes up for the moments when the love isn’t exactly flowing freely between them.)

She also really loves to deposit her clothes in the laundry chute and throw wrappers in the trash can, which I very much appreciate.

Her current favorite foods are clementines, blackberries, smoothies, corn (on the cob is preferred), noodles of any sort (She says “NOO-NELLS” and gets excited by the sight of pasta.)

Of course, Rosie is a runner and a climber and saving her from dangerous situations is my current form of cardio.

Like most babies these days, she loves to get her hands on phones, remotes, tablets, etc. So chances are, you may have received some text messages from Rosie recently.

She says a WHOLE bunch of words, including several variations of  “no”. Like “NOOOOOOO!” and the ever-popular “No way.” A few more frequently used words are “Mommy, Daddy, Cece, Elmo, cup, night-night, blankie, read, bubbles, hi, bye, shoes, and MINE.” Usually not in that order. But she can convey the essentials. Especially “blankie.” Ain’t NOTHING coming between her and that blanket (except me who tends to leave it at other people’s houses… face palm.)

(As there was not adequate napping yesterday, Rosie was in no mood to take pictures. She also gives me this look a lot. Actually so does Joe. I don’t know why.)

She mostly just really wanted to hold a stick and chew on her fingers. I feel you, girl.

So that’s what Miss Rosie Grace is up to these days!
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