Sweet November

 Did you get out and enjoy that 72 degree November day? You better have.

I feel like I haven’t been my most fabulous self lately due to several reasons (diet changes, dental work, shorter, colder days, etc.) So this unexpected warm weather felt like a gift. The girls and I ran several errands, but made sure we spent some time at the park without jackets.

Cece wanted a picture of her pretending to write (Office Girl forever!)

And a picture of the last dandelion of the season.

“Big Sister, WAIT FOR ME!!!”

“Cece, go catch your sister at the bottom of this slide.”

 I’ve been taking photos for a lot of families lately which has been AWESOME. However, it was also awesome and fun to just goof around with my camera with my girls. I really haven’t done that in awhile! Like, is this picture artsy or ridiculous? I don’t care. I like it!

“My mom thinks she’s SO creative taking pictures of herself in my sunglasses.”

; )

But seriously, whether you are taking artsy selfies or not, enjoy this amazing weather while it lasts!!!
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