A Visit from Sister Bear!

There’s no pick-me-up quite like a visit from my sister! The only downside is now that she’s gone, I feel like I’m moping around, missing my coffee buddy and mind-reading soul mate.

What made the visit quite seamless is that we tend to be on the same wavelength when it comes to relaxation, productivity, outings, and food choices (aka, tacos every day). We had a spectacular few days together and the girls sure loved having their aunt around too!

Robbyn flew in on Saturday night. Bright and early Sunday morning, we had breakfast and a sister rock climbing date. Even though she hadn’t climbed since high school, she kind of did crazy awesome.

In the afternoon, we hosted a little Chloe + Isabel party complete with many yummy snacks, great lady friends, and scrumptious caramel apple sangria (MAKE THIS. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.)

Monday morning, Cece weas off to school and we went bridesmaid dress shopping. (I am a girly girl to my core and love trying on dresses, so this was one of my favorite things.) 

After Starbucks and picking up Cece, we had a cozy afternoon of watching Inside Out. (Anyone else love this movie?? Anyone else cry too because of too many feels?)

Monday night, Robbyn accompanied us to Cece’s dance class. It was also one of their dress rehearsals before their holiday recital, so this was a fantastic night to come visit.

Post dance class, Joe kindly babysat while we met up with our bro at The Craftsman, where he works, for a sibling date. (Organic, seasonal, and local ingredients… all that good jazz) The three of us aren’t able to get together frequently, so I think it’s pretty special when we do. Again, lots of mind reading, similar speech patterns, childhood storytelling, etc. By the way, the food was FANTASTIC and the service was great. Highly recommend!

Robbyn’s last full day with us was on Tuesday. Even though the weather was icky for nearly this whole visit, we got out of the house and went to open skate. Cece and I probably haven’t been on the ice since summer, but she did a wonderful job of skating unassisted. So did Robbyn. I guess ; )
Rosie was also anxious to take the ice. So. Don’t judge me if I put skates on her this winter.

After coming home and resting, eating, and regrouping, we went on one last outing to our local library. (Close! Free! Fun!) A good time was had by all.

After the girls were in bed, we ended our trip with wine, good snacks,  and HGTV. And we were off to the airport, sobbing into our coffees not-so-bright and early Wednesday morning.

Now that I’ve pieced together a coherent blog post, I’d like to take a minute to say PLEASE COME BACK RIGHT NOW!!!! I MISS YOU!!!! And next time, we’ll make sure someone takes a photo of the two of us together. And thanks again, Robbyn, for taking most of these photos. Otherwise there would be no blog post, haha.

That is all. Thank you for spending your vacation time with us! We love you!
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