Cece’s First Dance Recital


This weekend, Cece put on her tiny shoes, big tutu, and show-stopping smile and melted my heart as she danced in her first recital. She has only been taking her dance class for a little over a month, but is having a BLAST with it. She is always asking if it’s “Monday Special Day” when she gets to go to preschool in the morning and dance class at night. Seriously, she loves Monday more than anyone I know. (Her disdain for Taco Tuesday is another story though.)

Although the audience was far larger than I was expecting, she remained unfazed and totally delivered the goods.  A BIG thank you to Cece’s cheering section for coming out! (Grandma and Grandpa and the Olsons. Also, thank you, Andrea, for getting this video! Cece is the one on the end, closest to the camera.) 

I am still in disbelief that our baby is big enough to do things like this now. I don’t if this is going to be a long-term interest or activity for her, but I’m thrilled that she’s just having so much fun with it right now. 

Thank you for being YOU, Cece! We are so proud of you!

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