Festooning is our favorite!

The holidays have hit and I have no hesitations about going overboard in the comfort and joy department.

On Black Friday, as soon as both girls were awake, we cranked up the Christmas tunes and got our tree up practically before the sun was up. As you can see, the light was a little weird in these pictures since, you know, the sun hadn’t quite risen yet.

By lunch time, our house had reached about 90% festiveness. The girls needed a nap. I needed some coffee and pumpkin pie. The morning  was everything I could have hoped for (besides the fact that Rosie continuously plucked and chucked every single ornament she could get her hands on, BUT but we’re not letting that get us down).

Speak of ornaments, this is my favorite from last year that Cece made at preschool.


Though Joe had to work in the morning, Cece saved some ornaments that she wanted to put on the tree with him. And the star of course. 

Although his Christmas spirit doesn’t exactly parallel mine and Cece’s, I think he’s still glad he got to participate in the fun.


Do you like my decorating style? It’s called “I bought nearly everything from the Target dollar section, not even the real Christmas section.”

Also, we already got to check off making gingerbread houses off the holiday to-do list. (I have so many lists. I have lists of my lists. But I love everything on them, especially things like this.) Cece and I had the best morning last week decorating teeny houses.

This year, to keep it simple, I just purchased a $9 Gingerbread village kit and I’m actually really happy with it. The icing was easy to work with and the houses were simple to assemble, not one piece of gingerbread broke and the roofs and walls stuck together!

Although I’m not feeling especially crafty this holiday season, thankfully there are mamas who are. My new favorite small business Tinely makes these awesome felt trees for kiddos to decorate. (And maybe I’ve decorated ours a time or two myself.)


These trees take up literally no space. It’s awesome.

 Now all that’s left to do is count down the days to Christmas, wrap up some shopping, and make a zillion cookies. I can’t wait.

Hope your holiday season has been joyful thus far!

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