The 12 Dates of Christmas (Part I)

Last year, a few bloggers that I follow were writing their versions of the  “12 Dates of Christmas.” Many were actually going on 12 Christmas-themed dates with their significant other during December and taking magazine-quality pics to include in their posts. I think it would be seriously impressive if Joe and I were able to manage 12 dates in one calendar year!

However,  I really like this idea, so I’ve definitely expanded the definition of “date” to include play dates, lady dates, and basically any family outing or times with friends this month. (Just you watch. I’m really stretching with some of these ; ) 

Date #1 : Family sushi dinner! Ok, there’s nothing remotely Christmas-y about this, but it was still a great time. If you haven’t noticed by now, Joe and I have basically traded in our 10-year obsession with Chipotle for an obsession with Kyoto. Whenever I’m not up to cooking… we kind of always end up here and now the kids really like fried rice.

Date #2: Meeting Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton! I don’t think this qualifies as a date really by any means… more like a lifelong dream come true! He was in town promoting Nationals next month and I heard he was making appearance in a couple of northwest suburbs. And I kind of dragged the girls with me to meet him. Honestly, Cece was way more pumped about meeting Snowplow Sam. I, however, couldn’t stop smiling and was as starstruck as a girl gets and wanted to tell him my whole life story and all about my mediocre skating career, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I told him about Cece’s upcoming dance recital and he got down to her level and wished her good luck. Heart melted. he’s just as nice in real life as he is on TV. I’m so glad we got this opportunity!

Date # 3: Cece’s winter dance recital! (Do we know how to embrace arts and culture or what?) This was previously posted on the blog, but it deserves another mention as it was adorable. (And the pizza after-party at the Olsons wasn’t shabby either.)

Date # 4: Daughter date to the Children’s Museum in downtown St. Paul! There is a cool new Medieval exhibit there, but the girls’ favorite activities always seem to be the ones that include splashing around in water. 

Date #5: Night out at Cece’s preschool Christmas program! I love that her school does this. Being one of the big kids this year, she got to shake some jingle bells in addition to showing off her singing skills. We attended a little Christmas cookie reception afterwards and I think that was Rosie’s favorite part.

Date # 6: Dinner at Barrio in Edina. And it was a real date; I wore a dress and lipstick and we got a babysitter and everything. We ordered too many tapas (or at least I did) , had some uninterrupted conversations, dessert, and didn’t have to do any dishes afterwards. The only downside to this date was that Joe decided that he loves Tres Leches cake and wants me to learn how to bake it. (HA!)  It was quite an indulgent date, and you bet I made it to Zumba this morning to work off all those tacos.

The following pics have nothing to do with the “12 Dates of Christmas.” They are just some more fun shots from my phone, including my holiday manicures (wahoo, Jamberry!), some cute Christmasy pics of our house, a mall outing with Rosie (we got lucky and got to listen to some holiday music!), and lots of cozy snuggle time and story-reading. Winter is sure the best time for snuggling. Cuddling in the summer just makes people hot and crabby in the I’ve found…

I know your December is probably crazy busy, but I hope you’ve had some moments of calm and coziness in between all of the festivities!

Stay tuned for part II of the 12 Dates of Christmas!
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