Fall Family Pictures

Back in October I sought out matching sweater dresses and big ol’ headbands as we had our first official photo shoot as a family of four done by Ashley Partch

^^^I felt this excited about it.^^^

 However, I was even more excited after I viewed our images. I take pictures of my own children all the time, so I know how challenging it can be to get them still, smiling, and looking at the camera without making a goofy or grumpy face without weird clutter in the background. Oh, and while all of your camera settings are actually correct and the light is somewhat decent. (Seriously! Taking a good picture is akin to a good golf swing… a lot goes into it that no one realizes!) And then Ashley went and got all of these lovely shots like it ain’t no thing.

Big thanks to Joe as well for being handsome and cooperative on this day. And most days ; )


And last, but not least, we got the clear winner for our Christmas card:

Ashley, from one photographer to another, you rock my socks. Thank you so much again for your great eye, mad camera skills, and agility in keeping up with my girls. I’m in love <3

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