Cookie Day 2015

Next to Christmas, we recently experienced our favorite day of the year… COOKIE DAY! Am I still a little jittery from all of the sugar consumption? Yes. Is there still flour and sprinkles in all of our kitchen crevices? Most likely. But so worth it! 

With our friend Azure, we baked six different kinds of cookies this year: Oatmeal chocolate chip, sugar, snow balls, chocolate chip and walnut, Nutella cookies (not pictured, since it got mixed reviews, to put it nicely), and CINNAMON ROLL COOKIES. Those happen to be an amazing coffee companion in the morning, and therefore, a breakfast item in my book.

Does Cece look like a pro or what? She did a great job using the hand mixer while I ate chocolate chips straight out of the bag supervised.

Yay, teamwork!

In years past, we really went crazy with our sugar cookie decorating. We’d use several colors of icing, a giant collection of sprinkles, and take hours decorating. We kept it simpler this year, which I think was the right call.

I’d like to tell you that Rosie was super helpful, but the photo evidence would indicate that she was really good at eating cookies and also licking all the icing off. (Don’t worry, we didn’t gift those to anyone.)

Ok, fine… I’m also thinking Rosie is looking slightly emo and might need to finally have her first haircut one of these days. Look how not sorry she is about licking all the frosting off cookies.

Ta da! Finished product! I’d also like to give Azure a big thank you for being our baking  buddy this year and the past several years. This is truly one of my favorite days and I hope we keep the tradition going!

(It’s fun to watch Cece grow! Our other annual cookie baking days here:
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