Christmas Morning 2015

The big dance is over! Christmas has come and gone (and a part of me is already dreaming about next holiday season!)

We spent Christmas Eve and morning at our house. The girls both managed to get in bed early (which meant everyone was up early, at least an hour before sunrise!)

We opened a few presents, took a breakfast break, and finished up the rest. 

Santa brought the girls bathrobes, but Joe’s gift to the three of us won Christmas. He got Rosie, Cece, and me mermaid snuggies. There are few Christmas gifts more magical than that (except perhaps engagement rings and new babies ; ) The girls and I have spent quite some time lounging like mermaids and scooching around the living room. I’m only posting photos of them because they look so cute and I look absolutely crazy.
After Rosie took her Christmas nap, we headed up to St. Cloud to spend time with Joe’s family and attend the Christmas bonfire (and, in the spirit of Christmas, share our mermaid tails with cousins). Although it was a bummer not to have a snowy white Christmas, I appreciated the clear roads and safe travel conditions!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but now that Christmas is over, I feel like a sense of calm has washed over our house. Don’t get me wrong, I love the anticipation of Christmas and the many holiday activities. But now that that the shopping, wrapping, making and baking is all done, I’ve had the most relaxing days at home with the girls now that the holidays are over.

We’re excited to move on to 2016! This year is going to bring so many good things for the people I love, I can’t wait to get this next year started!
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