Sledding and Snowmen

Last week may have been the most relaxing week of winter. With Cece out of school, Christmas being over, and no more planned activities we got to finally just relax at home instead of running around and enjoy the snow that had finally fallen.

As you can see, we took the girls sledding a few times and they really enjoyed themselves. (Or if I’m being honest, Rosie had a blast until she toppled out of the sled once. She was fine, just cold and mad.) Cece and I even sledded together a few times and all went well. These experiences also made me realize that I need to do a lot more cardio. Apparently eating lots of Christmas cookies and only thinking about going to the gym does not sufficiently train you for pulling two children uphill in a sled .

Cece has also been my shoveling assistant and snowman sculpting helper. Look at the new cute friend we made!

We had one last fun winter activity before Cece had to return to school. Joe spent yesterday afternoon baking and making brownie snowballs with the girls with Olaf decor. This was his idea and specified that this was a Daddy-led project so I didn’t have to worry about anything  (which initially made me worry as I think this was a multi-step process and also the first time he had ever baked.) But everything turned out great! Well-done, Joe!

How cute are these little fellas? If you need someone to cater confections at your next event, just contact Joe ; ) Hope your new year is off to a sweet start too!
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  1. Innovo says:

    Happy New Year!

  2. Josh J says:

    Fun blog! What's the best email to contact you?

  3. Josh J says:

    Fun blog! What's the best email to contact you?

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