Poncho Pals!

Today, the girls were the epitome of winter fashion and function as we tested out their new ponchos from our favorite new small business Tinley. We ended up getting so many compliments while we were out today that I figured a blog post was necessary in case anyone else wants to get in on this cold weather couture!


It was so nice not to deal with “bunchy sleeve” frustration, removing layers once in the car, or juggling extra blankets. Toss over the head and you are good to go! They are super cozy due to the double-lined fleece. Car seat buckles can also be securely fastened underneath the poncho.  For a mama who doesn’t have an attached garage, any small thing to make loading kids up in the winter is much appreciated! 

Cece picked out this fabric herself as purple is her favorite color. I think she made a great choice! And to her delight, the ponchos twirl like a big skirt which she is loving.

Thank you again, Kristina, for turning my girls into cozy princesses in plaid! Let me know when you start making adult-sized styles! (Just kidding… sort of.)

Check out ponchos and other awesome products for kiddos here!
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