Snow, Snuggles, and Swimming

Hey, all! It’s been a couple weeks since a post, but I’m happy to report that life is good and January is almost over! Is that glass-half-full thinking or what?

Our activities were low-key during the middle of this month. We only got out of our PJs when it was truly necessary. Like when we had to register Cece for kindergarten. Figured we shouldn’t show up in our bathrobes.

And I also suited up when  Joe took me on a date recently. We departed from our beloved sushi spot and ate at The Cheesecake Factory. Post dinner, we even caught the movie Daddy’s Home.  Although it we had a fun evening, I have no pictures of said date. I was trying really hard not to be that person who takes pictures of their water, breadbasket, appetizer, waitress, etc. Because I usually am that person.

So, yes. It’s been cold, but the cuteness and coziness has been strong around these parts. There’s been lots of tea-partying, soup-eating, robe-wearing, and snuggling. Can’t complain too much!

Then last week Joe had some vacation time. So we packed up and headed to see my family in Chicago for the week. We stopped in Wisconsin Dells on both ends of the trip and the girls didn’t mind some January pool time one bit. 

Oh, and they love hotel rooms too. Why are they being so cute??? I look at this pic and I’m like, “I’ll have a dozen more of those, thanks!” Like they are donuts or something.

We stayed at my sister’s which meant top-notch hospitality and delicious food at all times. 

And we visited Robbyn at the bakery. She really couldn’t get away from us.

We also had lots of family and friends visit us while we were there. It was fantastic to see all of your lovely selves at to catch up!

On our last day in town we went to PGN Fun Village with my Mom and sister. The girls experienced their first-ever ball pit. Rosie kept declaring that the whole ball pit was “MINE!” I tried to explain that it wasn’t all hers but… Sharing doesn’t exactly come naturally to that one, I guess.

I haven’t been there  to PGN in years and it’s like walking back in time into the 90s, but the girls had fun playing in the indoor park and then also accumulating tickets in the arcade.

“TICKETS!” Rosie would yell as they dispensed. And then she waved them around victoriously. Goofball.

 And I’ll end this post with one last pretty picture of winter. I briefly visited Lake Katherine during our trip to take some photos. This is the only one I got on my phone, but it makes me realize that this is how I want to spend winter… by looking at pictures of snow on a screen/ behind a window instead of actually standing in it and freezing my extremities off.

Thanks again to my sister for hosting us last week and to everyone who drove out on a weeknight to come see us. Can’t wait to come back in the spring!

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