Dino Day

Here is a good example of my mom brain in action. 

This week, the girls and I made a trip to the Mall of America as I heard their Children’s Museum had a new dinosaur exhibit. I thought the girls would really enjoy it and it might even be new blogging material. (It seems like January is my toughest month to come up with creative things to do!) When we got there, I realized that I’ve totally seen this exhibit before two years ago at the Children’s Museum in St. Paul. And blogged about it two years ago, haha. Oh well! Rosie had never seen it and wanted to ride all of the dinosaurs. She also loved  the fake volcano (“LAVA!” she said when she saw it.) I’m really glad this new spot exists at the mall as it is super close to our house. 

Cece insisted on pushing Rosie in her stroller upon our arrival and departure. I just love this picture of her sporting her pink cowgirl boots, poncho, and face paint while Rosie holds her own artwork. Cece’s look really makes a statement (as in “My mom lets me do/wear whatever I want!”)

Lastly, it needs to be noted that when we got home, Cece tried to wash off her face paint by herself in the bathroom. She came into the living room and scared the daylights out of me because her face was all blue, like Braveheart. Then I laughed, which made her cry and then she uttered “I’m sad when I’m blue!” (Of course, this made me want to laugh even more, but I restrained myself.)  Then we had to take a bath to get it all off as she didn’t want Joe to come home and see her blue. So, there’s that to remember.

Hope you are staying warm and not feeling blue ; )

Oh, and here is that two-year-old post of us visiting these dinos when I was all super pregnant with Rosie and Cece was just a wee one!

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