Inching closer to spring!

Hi, all! We are inching closer to springtime and that’s what continues to inspire me to get out of bed and join the world every day. That and lots of fun upcoming events (like Cece’s dance recital this weekend!). Here are a few other phone-captured things we have been up to lately.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I still feel like a substantial amount of my time is being spent trapped beneath a sleeping baby (or at least a fiercely snuggling one). I should probably stop referring to Rosie as a baby since she will be two next month. (WHOA.) The snuggles sure make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it sure is hard to get motivated to,like, pack up the kids in the 10 degree weather and head to the gym when you can just be all cozy on the sofa .

Can’t resist throwing in a shot of my V-Day mani. Over the top or just enough?

Last week, I joined Cece for her Valentine’s Day party at school last week. So fun! The parent helpers and myself assisted in games, treats, and card creation. It was a solid morning!

Instead of doing Valentine’s Day cards, we melted all of Cece’s old and broken crayons into 24 multi-colored hearts and passed those out to her classmates (complete with complicated ribbons and wrapping per request of Cece.) I’m so glad we did this as it now has emptied that container of old crayons that was bothering me since no one wanted to use them!

We’ve been back to Good Times Park a bit lately too for the indoor fun of it all. (Always best to go not on the weekends.) We were joined by the Olsons this morning and the girls (as usual) loved bouncing, building, playing, spinning, and sliding with their cousins.

So… now that these are all posted here, I can make some more room on my phone again! Whoop whoop. Almost springtime, everyone! Hang in there! 
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