Valentine’s Day 2015



Valentine’s Day turned out being fairly busy so, we don’t have a lot of pics. BUT. We did have some pretty good times. At least initially. In the morning, we had pink pancakes (yes, they were leftovers so they were still festive, just a little dry.) And I made sure the girls woke up to a few decorations and gifts as well as cards. So, we exchanged pancakes and gifts which was sweet. (Joe got the girls and myself some lovely necklaces, cards, and flowers. We baked him a cake, not pictured, as I forgot to take a picture before we ate it. Oops.)

In the afternoon, once Joe was finished with work, he took the girls on a date to see The Good Dinosaur and I attended an essential oils party. A great afternoon had by all.

We met back at the house later for dinner. And then the evening steadily went downhill from there as Cece ended up getting sick after she went to sleep and a couple more times throughout the night. (Not really sure what happened, I swear she did not have that many treats!) So Joe and I spent our romantic Valentine’s Day evening by laundering soiled sheets, sanitizing a bedroom, bathing our little lady late at night, and not sleeping much. But there’s no one else I’d rather clean up puke with so I guess that’s what makes it… meaningful? I don’t know, grasping at straws here. Fortunately, Cece is doing much much better now, and no one else seems to have been affected, so I am hoping we are all in the clear.

 Hope your Valentine’s Day was not disgusting filled with all things sweet!
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