It’s a Wonderful Weekend!

Howdy! As per usual, another fun-filled weekend occurred and I haven’t been able to sit down and focus to properly document all the good times. So, let’s rewind to last weekend.

Last Saturday, Cece had her second dance recital complete with cowgirl hat and sassy square dance moves. Again, I’m super proud of her for bravely getting up in front of so many people and doing her thing. The whole recital was filled with great dancing and tons of adorableness. Plus, it was in an actual auditorium with real chairs. (This worked out great since Rosie fell asleep on me during the show and I was actually able to stay comfortable and she could snooze.)  I could really get used to being a dance mom… just saying.

Also, very important to note, Joe has had some real honest-to-goodness days off of work. So last Sunday we took the girls out for brunch at Curran’s in Minneapolis. We never get the chance to do these type of weekend-morning things, so this was a selfie-worthy occasion. It was even Joe’s idea! (“For your blog, honey!” Can someone maybe gift us a selfie stick though??? Kidding, kidding.)

^^^I could seriously just dunk her in my coffee and gobble her up. ^^^

Also, how lucky is Kate Hudson? Post brunch, she got to meet me last Sunday  AND make an appearance on my blog. I mean, you just can’t buy that type of publicity ; )

So, here is how this event came to be. I went to the Mall of America solo as I heard she would be doing a book signing. (And I’m a serious dork.) Even though I went by myself, I ended up making friends in line and having a grand old time. As expected, she was gorgeous and fabulous. I’ve been girl-crushing on her since I was 15 and first saw Almost Famous. I kept trying to figure out what I should say to her since I knew I would only be able to get a sentence in before I got scooted through the line. (“I really love my fabletics outfits!” is what I ended up blurting out and she’s like “Oh! Oh! good!” Yep. We totally had a conversation.)  If now I can figure out a way to also meet my other favorite Kates (Kate Winslet and Kate Middleton), my life will be pretty much complete.

Book review to come… if I ever get around to reading the whole thing. 

Anyways, I need to get around to the activities we have planned for THIS weekend. Thanks for stopping by and reading about our goings-on!
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